Trail Supporter



The Trail Supporter program is a key boost to our trail maintenance fund each year, and is a direct chance for WORCA members to contribute directly to the maintenance of our existing trail network.  For the next 5 years, WORCA will be producing a limited edition Trail Supporter t-shirt that celebrates a different riding area each year. These t-shirts are only available until June 15th each year.



2017 design: West Side, Best Side

2018 design: North of Town

2019 design: Darkside

Whistler’s world-class network of mountain bike trails is enjoyed by thousands of local and visiting riders every year.

The Whistler Off Road Cycling Association (WORCA) has led the stewardship of mountain biking trails in the Whistler valley for over 25 years. Every year WORCA employs experienced trail builders to run a seasonal maintenance and construction program on mountain biking trails throughout the valley. Trails are built and maintained to standards that minimize environmental impacts while creating the best experience for riders.

Please support the trail network that you ride!


Become a WORCA Trail Supporter and help directly fund WORCA’s trail program.

Purchase your T-shirt/Sticker and membership here.


$15 Trail Pass

Visitors to Whistler who use the trail network maintained by WORCA are encouraged to buy a trail pass for $15 by clicking on the button below.