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The Rebellion has begun.

The Lord of the Squirrels can only reign for so long. And with the grizzly closure in the alpine, it’s given the chipmunks time to organize. Through the fall and into the spring, the Chipmunks and their human trail builder, Dan Raymond, will begin their march to the alpine. The Chipmunk Rebellion is born.

Thanks to Giant Bicycle Canada and Arbutus Routes (and their “2% For the Trails” program), we have nearly $5,000 to begin flagging, clearing, and construction of the new CHIPMUNK REBELLION trail. This will be a new delightful flowy trail taking the Lord of the Squirrels descent all the way to the valley and allowing a classy return to Alta Lake Road (Westside Road) near Lower Sproat, where the muni is adding additional parking.

Let the Chipmunks prevail!

Sassy graphic done by our friend Zoë Lomoro