Trails Update: Sept 27, 2019

Trails Update: Sept 27, 2019

Black Muck

(Really) wet season is upon us and the daytime highs aren’t helping anything to dry. Clogged drains are making puddles and organic matter is getting pounded into black muck. This was a prominent problem on the Far Out trail. We tackled muck so thick that shovels were needed to scrape the sloppy mess. The fire thinning probably dropped most of those cones and needles onto the trail but seasonal raking would have helped. Far out was also ready for some root armouring and tread support… so we did some of that too.  Climbing up to High Side is now smoother than ever. 


High Side got some Tuesday Dig Night action with work on a low angle flowy bypass of some steep steppy turns. A lot of the trail’s original builders came out to help and worked their magic turning red-rot into gold! Cascade Environmental rewarded us with the finest fizzy drinks as the sun set on a sweet day. 

“Can we ride it yet?” you’re probably wondering.

Not quite. You can help us finish the project on Oct 1st. Zep Techniques mentioned hot chili for gold diggers! Perfect for a cool fall night. 5:30 at the bottom of Highside.

But wait, There’s more: IMBA Canada is also bringing a crew from the MTB Tourism Symposium for some extra work on High Side Oct 1st and 2nd!


Wednesday Conversation (paraphrasing)

“It’s my birthday and I feel like building a bridge” 

“No way! It’s also my birthday!” chimed Andreas.

“Ok, let’s build 2 bridges!”

We paid Duncan a visit to replace the cool start-move bridges on It’s Business Time. The shape of the bedrock made for an interesting chainsaw carpentry puzzle. We’ll be buffing up more of the trail next week. 

“Where should I ride when it’s raining?” 

Whistler is blessed with some great granite! A Rockwork Orange, Foreplay or Out There are bomb proof trails that can handle a deluge. If slippery rock isn’t your thing, Howler or Young Lust are good options. For mellower still, revisit the cut yer bars zone or Riverside loops.

See you on the trails

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder