Trails Update: Sept 20, 2019

Trails Update: Sept 20, 2019

A River Runs Through It upgrades
I went for an inspection/planning walk with the RMOW trails leads to discuss substantial renovation plans. On top of completing the Bart’s Dark flow line, the “main” section of ARRTI, which periodically floods out the trail, will be getting some much needed upgrades and a re-route to higher ground. A lot of the woodwork along this section needs replacing and most of the legacy features will be rebuilt. The WORCA trail crew will partake in this step, including repairing “Pass the Sugar”.

Expect work crews in A River Runs Through It for the next 6 weeks.

“Florida man arrested for using chainsaw to prepare cheese board while driving golf cart through library”
“It’s for the volunteers” said the man in his defense. 

We had another great turnout for Tuesday dig night this week! 25 diggers battled the duff to extend Piece of Cake. Alba Distribution brought the party tent and a bit of class to the muddy apres: charcuterie board! What’s a “shark kookerie?” asked a 6-year old volunteer.

The end is in sight for this project… if you use binoculars. The trail crew will chip at it, and hopefully, you’ll be there to help finish it on October 8th. That’s the final Tuesday Dig Night of the season. Let’s have a ribbon cutting… and cake!

September 24
That fresh sprinkling of snow was your cue to start training. Join us for an optional intensity workout on the High Side trail. We’re building a re-route section to give your brakes a break.

The workout starts at the bottom of High Side at 5:30

Cascade Environmental  is sponsoring this one!

Rebellion Whip!
As the days get shorter, full westside laps might make you wish you ate more Helmer’s carrots this summer. I’m pleased to suggest some fresh lower elevation bits to check out on time constrained shreds:

Chipmunk Rebellion (part 2)! Mostly built by Tuesday Dig Night volunteers, with financial  support from Arbutus Routes and Giant Canada, the Chipmunk Rebellion will be the natural continuation to Lord Of The Squirrels. It is designed to be a fun “cool down” to the valley after the epic alpine ride. This DOWNHILL ONLY trail is a “ready for tires” work in progress. Have a go, and bring cookies in case the trail crew is in there! We’ll be breaking ground on the upper half of the Chipmunk next season.

Whipped Cream (also part 2…). This slabby dessert platter descent is open just in time for the Westside Wheelup! It flows seamlessly into Cherry on Top, then Green Jello, adding to the singletrack fun which bypasses the BC hydro roadway. For this piece,  the trail crew toiled away scrubbing granite and pulling the (#@$&!) 3 hour stump. I’m calling it “part 2” because for now, it shares the entrance with Bush  Doctor. This section is clearly marked, 30 metres in from the road. We’ll be building a singletrack climb to it next year.

See you on the trails

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder