Trails Update: Sept 6, 2019

Trails Update: Sept 6, 2019

Tuesday Dig Night Success!
Fall volunteer trail work season has started with a bang: Already a ribbon cutting! The first day of school did not deter true dirt aficionados from completing the “Cherry on Top” section of the Lower Sproatt Dessert platter. Their efforts were rewarded by Brent Harley and Associates and Olive’s Community Market.

Who wants a (bigger) Piece of Cake?
The next 2 Tuesday Dig Nights will work on extending Piece of Cake up towards A La Mode (Or is it extending A La Mode down to Piece of Cake?). Either way, the end result will be continuous singletrack and less gravel road riding! There will be digging, benching, grubbing, rocking, and capping, also snipping and raking! Tools will be on site, bring gloves if you have them and dress for the weather.

Arbutus Routes will provide food and drink on September 10. Alba Distribution will take care of September 17.

Meet us at the bottom of AC/DC (yellow gate) at 5:30.

So much dessert talk…
Meanwhile, the trail crew has been making Whipped Cream… out of granite (!). Our friend Rob is back in town and he joined us for some “moss relocation” and banter. We’ll keep you posted with progress on this extra topping.

Alpine rides getting chilly
Fungus is fruiting and leaves are already falling. Trailside snacks are mostly gone and the thermometer is creeping (mostly) down. Be prepared for your fall adventures! It’s full-size pack riding season: sweater, rain gear, dry gloves are a must. A thermos full of coffee sure is nice for hanging out by Squirrel lake.

And of course, always have some emergency cookies for the trail crew!

See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder