Trails Update: Sep 17-21, 2018

Trails Update: Sep 17-21, 2018

Tuesday night action! 

The Garbanzo Bike and Bean crew came out to lay dirt on some unfinished parts of the “Yummy Numby singletrack is better than roads” project last Tuesday. We called it a night literally (it was getting dark!) for stories and refreshments by the creek. We’ll be back in there on October 2nd 

Next week, (Sept 25th) we’ll be putting finishing touches on the “Cultured Climb” with Howler Contracting. Meet at the top of Alpine way at 5:30! 


I enjoy the thrill that comes from trying to hit a deadline. We took on the challenge of finishing the “Cherry on top” section of Lower Sproatt before the Westside Wheel-up. There were some difficult sections but all the material needed was available nearby, thanks to the BC Hydro road upgrade debris piles. We tackled our biggest rock wall of the season and got creative for the trail to cross steep bedrock. Jolan put headphones on and moved countless wheelbarrows of top-notch dirt. We got it done!  

Alas, tamp as we might, the storm to signal Autumn’s arrival would saturate the fresh soil, rendering it too soft for hundreds of tires this weekend. Looks like it should dry-out by Tuesday… Enjoy!  

Petrichor and Psithurism 

Right now, the forest is a rich tapestry of smells and sounds. I’m noticing that the air is thick with aromatics not experienced since… last fall, I suppose. Take a deep breath out there and you’ll get a taste of the closest tree. The mushrooms are also popping out, but my eyes are not quite yet accustomed to zeroing-in on the little brown fruit… my nose notices them before my eyes do. Focusing on the smells will get interrupted by the sound of wind through the trees and the ensuing bombardment of leaves and needles. Or, was that a Squirrel chucking the cones from his penthouse? A woodpecker chimes in with maniacal piping. It’s good to be in the woods!  

See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder