Trails Update – Season Finale: Nov 1 2018

Trails Update – Season Finale: Nov 1 2018

What a year! 

The 2018 trail maintenance season started off quite reactionary: A lot of work was dictated by natural and man-made “disasters”: loads of deadfall, a debris flow event on Sproatt creek, fire thinning work and upgrading of the Lower Sproatt BC Hydro road. Great efforts were put forward to re-open, re-connect and re-create sections of trail damaged or completely lost. I think it was July by the time we could start ticking-off stuff on the pre-planned “To-do list”.   

We ran 13 Volunteer trail nights/days plus a full week with the Whistler Waldorf school kids in Lost Lake. Trail nights averaged 20 volunteers with the season highlight of 70 diggers during Crankworx. Sponsors also came out in droves with crews and brews! These volunteer events have made 1.7km of re-routes/bypasses and new singletrack: 

“Muffin Man” (part 1), “Green Jello”, “Cherry on Top”, “A La Mode”, “Pura Vida” (new exit), “Scotia Nova” and “Yummy Numby” (Parts 1 and 2… of 3) 

We replaced or added 27 wood structures and cleared/re-opened 10 km of “bushy” trails (everything under powerlines plus “Lower Babylon” “See Colours and Puke” and “Jane Lake North”). Lord of the Squirrels also saw 200+ spot repairs/upgrades after its inaugural season.  

Getting after our final projects of the year is so satisfying. We finished capping phase 2 of “Yummy Numby road bypass. We finally repaired the crux move on “A Rockwork Orange” (sadly, the trees are gone forever – angry face-) We also found a home for most of the cedar that I’d been hoarding: Follow your nose to “White Knuckles”, “Shit Happens South” and “Get over it” for that sweet aroma.  

“The moment of anticipation!” -Jacques (The Simpsons, 1990)   

“Jacques”, the bowling instructor, knows the importance of savoring building excitement. After 2 years of prep and fire thinning delays, Seb and Todd’s plans to extend “Far Out” will get rolling next spring. I’ll spend the winter months toiling over the budding “Chipmunk Rebellion”. There’s a lot of flagging up there… so at the first sign of melt, “We STRIKE!”  

Thank you 

I’d like to give a shout out to the WORCA trail crew: Benoit, Renee, Jolan and Pat. You guys did so much heavy lifting this season! From sourcing the perfect “1 rock solution”, to moving countless buckets of dirt, all the while, assembling beautiful rock puzzles and making the straightest decking, it has been a pleasure to work with you. I am proud that our efforts have made a lasting difference on Whistler’s trail network. Let’s do it again next year! 

Go play in the snow 

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder