Trails Update: Oct 4, 2019

Trails Update: Oct 4, 2019

High side refresh

We can really get a lot done when we focus on one project for the entire week: All it took was a couple of Tuesday Dig Nights and an IMBA canada trail building seminar to re-route 2 steep, chunky sections on the High Side Trail. 

I must admit that the Cheakamus zone is blessed with a geological makeup conducive to pleasant digging. Other than the one big rock, it’s thin layer of duff and bottomless gold mineral soil were no match for our freshly sharpened tools. It was nice to spend more time using specialty dirt shapers such as “Mcloeds” and hard rakes. The new lines are flowy, pumpy with some optional jumpy fun! 

The trail crew also armoured holes and enhanced some berms to complete the reno. I’m really stoked on how Highside 2.0 matches up with HiHi 2.0! What a sweet lap.  


Final Tuesday Dig Night!

We’re getting close to the end of the season and I don’t like to leave a project to hibernate unfinished. The snow load and slow melt help solidify the new tread. 

Thanks to Zep Techniques for feeding the 25 volunteers who turned up to help finish our work on High Side last week. The Chili was delicious!

It’s Time to focus our efforts on getting another piece done before the snow flies: Piece of Cake (extention). This one is sponsored by Santa Cruz Bikes

Join us Tuesday October 8th for the last Tuesday dig night of 2019. Meet us at the yellow gate just off of Westside road (bottom of AC/DC) at 5:30pm

The sun sets early, so let’s make this an intense sprint to the finish!


Lord Of The Squirrels update

We’ve had a relatively wet summer but that has not lessened shredders’ enthusiasm for laps of LOTS. The alpine additions Rush Hour and Last Call certainly supercharged the stoke for a long day on the bike… no matter the weather. 

There’s some snow, and, the trails are saturated and MUDDY! 

It looks like wet and cold weather is here to stay so we’ve closed the entire Sproatt alpine network. Make sure you check trailforks for the latest updates before pedaling out.

The trail crew will be upgrading drains, armouring soft spots and giving LOTS some love in the coming weeks.

See you on the trails

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder