Trails Update: Oct 25, 2019

Trails Update: Oct 25, 2019

Piece of Cake complete!
The community has been blessed with some foul weather that pushed the trail crew back down to Lower Sproatt… to finish the bigger Piece of Cake. As the snowline crept down, we stacked rocks and moved countless buckets (of mud) in the cold driving rain.

We kept the big finish quiet to let the new tread dry up… until now. The extension now connects Piece of Cake seamlessly into A la Mode and Mid Danimal.

Go give it a try for a lap (or six)… the lower westside is the place for short and sweet fall rides!

LOTS, LESS, Mystic and more are CLOSED.
I’m sorry to torture you with images of our fresh repairs on Lord Of The Squirrels. Alas, the snow has captured Into The Mystic and so LESS will also rest for winter. The trail crew will continue renovations on LOTS until our tools are buried. That fresh dirt will need to rest undisturbed until spring so that it thoroughly “cements”.
Upper Blackcomb trails are also getting maintenance and the builders have requested tires stay off. If you’re keen to help, reach out to Dirt Shifter (Scott).

Fire thinning has also affected several Lost Lake trails near the scandinave spa

Make sure you check trailforks for the most up to date trail status before heading to the trail head.

Digger appreciation night!
These last few Tuesdays nights definitely felt weird. Something was off. We missed you. (funny cat, trampoline disaster and snow movie teasers can only keep my attention for so long…)
Benoit and Dwayne were keen for another BBQ, so, all of this year’s Tuesday Dig Night volunteers are welcome!

Join us on Oct 29 at 5:30 for burgers and banter at the usual spot.

No digging, just digging in!

Hazard tree course

I had the opportunity to attend a course on removing dangerous trees. Specifically, leaning windfall and hung-up trees. These scenarios come up a lot when we clear winter blow-down. Although I’ve managed to keep all my toes over the years, it was great to learn new techniques to stay completely out of harm’s way.


See you on the trails

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder