Trails Update: Oct 10, 2019

Trails Update: Oct 10, 2019

Almost a Piece of Cake…
We finished our season of Tuesday Dig Nights in style: smokies by a smokey fire and black forest cake in the black of night.

Of course there was some dirt diggin’ done before the chilly chillin’.

Santa Cruz Bikes sponsored a heated final party for 34 folks who braved the cold to work up a sweat. The trail isn’t quite ready for tires yet, although, we managed to de-duff the remaining 100 metres of the Piece of cake extension. … The trail crew will work out the finishing touches on it in the next few weeks (when it’s too cold and rainy-snowy to work at higher elevation)

Volunteer(s) of the year
After 15 Tuesday Dig Nights and 2 trail days, 224 individuals have put in over 1300 hours of volunteer muscle into our network! We built a higher Hi-Hi, took High Side more sideways, made Yummy Yummier, Got Out of the mud, helped ourselves to a larger piece of cake and put a Cherry on Top! Oh and hooked up Jake and Jane.

First, I would like to thank all of our volunteer event sponsors for feeding and quenching our community’s thirst for dirt(work) and fizzy drinks! I love that you’re putting your own spin on the apres and supporting our trailblazing culture. You fed us charcuterie, burgers, pizza, burritos, chilli and ubiquitous salty potato slices.

It is time to acknowledge some particular volunteers for their outstanding contributions this year!

WORCA would like to thank and congratulate:

Peter “Tic” Hayden: Tic not only attended nearly all of the Tuesday dig nights, but he played a huge role in helping the trail crew with logistics and guiding new volunteers.

Craig Mackenzie: Craig attended 9 trail nights and stood out for his stubborn resolve to tackle the most difficult sections of trail… and see them to completion. The exit of the Chipmunk Rebellion was a stands out, where Craig spent all 5 trail nights getting a pesky 15 metres of trail up to standard.

Dax Francis: Jr. vollie of year! Dax attended 6 trail nights on top of his bike camp days. He was indeed a Jr. standout for his attention to detail and hard work ethic… showing his dad how to get it done!

Santa Cruz bikes has stepped up to award these fine folks with a sweet Rogue Hoe trail building tool! I am sure they’ll be put to good use!

See you on the trails

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder