Trails Update: May 7-11, 2018

Trails Update: May 7-11, 2018

The band is back together and it’s nice to be in the woods!

Benoit and Renee are fresh off of the Whistler Learning Center’s “Basic Chainsaw Safety” course just in time to clear the insane amount of blowdown on Section 102 and Azrael. There were well over 50 trees blocking the trail (perhaps more on the ground than left standing…) and we also took the opportunity to fix the slumps by the emerald reservoir. Remember to check this “dust free zone” when your bike balance is on point and your legs are ready to push a big gear.

Can you dig it?

We started up our Tuesday dig nights to share the fun (and beer) in the Lower Sproatt zone with 22 volunteers!  We rehabilitated 12 sites impacted by the BC Hydro road (lower sproatt double track) and connected The “Extra Scoop” singletrack from “Danimal” to “A La Mode”.

This vollie night was sponsored by WORCA so I made sure to stock the cooler with top shelf beer! Join us next week to connect “Hot Dog Alley” with the new “Scotia Creek singletrack”

Spring oddity: The trail crew kept the ball rolling on lower sproatt and (tried) to re-open the rest of the impacted trails. We had some success and a chilling surprise… there was about a foot of snow under the piles of material blocking the trails! We’re going to let it fully melt before completing this work…

Tuesday May 15 Trail night

Meeting point: Yellow Gate @ bottom of Scotia Creek on Alta Lake Rd
Time: 5pm
Project: Exit of Hotdog Alley where it meets Scotia Creek road
Sponsored by Fanatyk co.

Current Trail Closures

Please respect all onsite closures and signage you may come upon.
Fuel Thinning – Rick’s Roost, Cat Scratch Fever, Whip Me Snip Me, Big Timber.
Seasonal Wet Conditions – Heavy Flow, Microclimate, Dark Crystal.
BRIDGES OUT on Sproatt Creek at Flank Trail, Industrial Disease/Pura Vida, and Industrial Waste.
Please use TrailForks to add or view current trail conditions in the Whistler valley.

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder