Trails Update: May 28-June 1, 2018

Trails Update: May 28-June 1, 2018

“Hey! There’s a trail!”

This week, we mowed the lawn in the Cheakamus zone. Your derailleur should be free of vegetation on “Garbage”, “Just Another Bike Trail”, “Trash”, and “Runaway Train”.

It’s fun to finish what we started: Tuesday dig night got it done on the “Hot Dog Alley> Scotia Creek” climb. Thanks to everyone who helped get this great upgrade done! We’ve run several trail nights on this one, and, Giant Whistler Bike Co. provided the beer for the final push and “ribbon cutting ceremony”.

The trail crew has been prepping for the next 2 trail nights:

June 5, extending “Pura Vida” to the soon to be re-positioned “Industrial Waste” bridge. Meeting point: Yellow chain link gate at bottom of AC/DC off Alta Lake Rd, 5:30pm. Sponsored by Fineline Bike Shop.

June 12, adding “Green Jello” to the dessert platter (Lower Sproatt singletrack). This is extending the descending part of the trail. Meeting point: Top of Danimal north on Stonebridge Drive 5:30pm

Trail closures and updates:

About Lower Sproatt: BC Hydro will be re-re-upgrading their road… Expect trail closures due to heavy machinery on “Lower Sproatt” into mid-July.

Fire thinning update:

Some good news — work is complete in the “Big Timber” area.
Crews are now working above Kadenwood, limiting access from there towards the southern trails (“Heavy Flow”, “Tunnel Vision”, “Hindsight” etc…)
“Whip Me, Snip Me”: Work is done for now, rehabilitation should take place in the fall.
Rick’s Roost: Flank access from Alpine Meadows is still active with clean-up and rehabilitation work.

Blackcomb closures:

Micro Climate closed due to continued spring seepage in upper portions.
Dark Crystal also closed until July 1 to protect spring bear habitat and denning sites.

Please obey all signage in the affected areas.

Thanks for reading,
See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder