Trails Update: May 17, 2019

Trails Update: May 17, 2019

Yummy Numby 2.0
The trail known as Yummy Numby was first created to access the technical rock slab section of Comfortably Numb (Foreplay). Eventually, “outside the box” thinkers tried turning right at the junction with Foreplay… this became even more popular. I’ve always felt that Yummy Numby was incomplete: The road section followed by the relentless steep and loose doubletrack grunt didn’t mesh with the rest of the experience (forest singletrack).

After many walks, rolls of flagging tape and map study, Whistler-Blackcomb approved our plan and the digging began last August. This seemed like the perfect project to keep our dig hungry volunteers busy!

Part 1: (320m) Was built by 70 volunteers in 1 day! .

Part 2: (400m) This was tougher building (fall trail nights are short and sometimes snowy) but we got it done in October.

Part 3: (800m) Viewpoints and giant stumps and granite, oh my! What remains is bolder still than the lower sections but the potential rewards could not be ignored.


Each year, the grade 9 class from the Whistler Waldorf school join the WORCA trail crew for an entire week. That’s right: 5 days of digging, learning the craft from professional trail builders and leaving their mark on our network: they were the main source of muscle on “Muffin Man”, “Robin Yer Eggs”, the “Secret North” road bypass, “Hot Dog Alley”…

I’ve been saving this project (Part 3) for the Waldorf week. It’s a large undertaking, but with some trail night support (May 7, 14) we’re almost there! The students learned how to bench cut, rock-stack and levitate the unthinkable. They collaborated, came up with efficiencies and learned the importance of working smarter, not harder. I’m hoping to Lure them out for another “phys. Ed.” class and get it finished before school’s out…


Tuesday dig night is drawing a crowd!
Once again, burgers (and digging trail) lured a solid contingent despite a cold wet evening. 40 diggers moved hundreds of buckets of dirt before tackling a talus slope and duff pit. We run Whistler and Run Comfy Numb provided burgers from the creekside market even tapped a coast mountain brewing keg!


Change of plan!
Next week’s trail night will attempt to resurrect “Hi Hi” from the fuel thinning. We’re actually re-routing the entire trail… Big Mountain Adventure will satisfy your post dig thirst and hunger.

Meet us Tuesday May 21 at 5:30 at the starting point of High line.


Thanks for the clear!
I’d like to acknowledge the work of several secret trail gnomes for their incredible work of clearing and buffing most of our network while the access trails were still snowbound!

Pat, Seb, Todd, Zac, Chris, Zander, Renee, Matt, Trevor, Dwayne, Guillaume, Ken, Tony, Tim, (and even more secretive fairies): Your saws/rakes/buckets are much appreciated!


Stay updated on the latest (and keep posting what you find) with trailforks.

See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder