Trails Update: May 14-18, 2018

Trails Update: May 14-18, 2018

“The Muffin Man is seated at the table
In the laboratory of the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen…” -Frank Zappa

This year’s Whistler Waldorf School week was digging close to the school:In Lost Lake! The Class of 2021 (currently in grade 9) broke ground on a section of trail I’ve wished existed since we poured cement on “Central Scrutinizer”…

We successfully built the first part of “Muffin Man”, connecting the “Central Scrutinizer” to “Comfortably Numb” (at the frisbee golf course).  Ultimately, it will reach “jelly Roll Gumdrop”. The RMOW trail crew will keep working at it all summer.

The students learned to grub, bench, armour, cap and even built a bridge! The building was typical lost lake: deep duff over a thick layer of rocks and roots. We did get lucky and found some great yellow, orange and even red dirt.

“Some people like cupcakes better. I, for one care less for them!” -Frank Zappa

“Muffin Man” was first released on the mostly live ‘Bongo Fury’ album and became a common Frank Zappa show closer. According to Wikipedia: “the Muffin Man appears to be a new kind of food aficionado, one who has taken his love for muffins to a scientific and semi-religious level.”

I can relate to that (if you replace the word muffin, with the word trail)!

“Girl, you thought he was a man, But he was a muffin” -Frank Zappa

Also: Thanks to Fanatyk co. for sponsoring another successful dig night getting us closer to connecting Hot Dog Alley to the new Scotia creek climb.

Next week, we’re armouring and buffing the exit of “Hey Bud/Micro Climate”

See you at the trail exit Tuesday at 5pm! Garbanzo Bike and Bean will provide the bevies!

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder