Trails Update: May 3, 2019

Trails Update: May 3, 2019

Danimal South

Following a land swap, the RMOW has tasked WORCA with managing the historical singletrack trails in the south end of the “Westside Zone”. These trails include “Piece of Cake”, “Moose Knuckles”, “Butterflies and Flowers”, “THC” and “Danimal south”. We’ve undertaken some upgrades (armouring roots/ holes and berming into the climbs) to upper Danimal south and THC as they will become the ultimate exit from the Sproatt big ride: Mystic>Rocks>Squirrels>Chipmunk>Waste>Danimal>THC.

Vollie trail nights

It’s time to get (a little) dirty! The first trail night of the season is Tuesday May 7th. We’re bypassing more pesky steep road on Yummy Numby. Join us at the trailhead, the fun starts at 5:30pm. Origin will be providing food and drink for diggers. The forecast is calling for BBQ weather…

Parking: Please hike or ride in from either Painted cliff rd or Lot 6 (base 2)

Shit Happens South

Do you remember the original Shit happens? Before the rainbow development existed, Shit Happens used to connect Emerald to Alpine. A chunk of the trail is gone (replaced by “delineator”) but the south end remains. It has some of that classic no flow flavor but has seldom seen any maintenance. We tackled some bridge upgrades last year and I was stoked to get the last bit done: a nasty unrideable drainage crossing. The project was a hefty curved bridge plus rockwall and drain. We lugged in the best boards ever! leftover from building “Rubbish” and used winter deadfall cedar for the frame. In keeping with the “jank theme: tall riders will need some limbo skills…

Our celebration of calling the trail “done” was unfortunately cut short: As we finished raking, we discovered the exit bridge onto Crazy Canuck drive lay broken under 20 feet of snow. I guess we’ll be back in about a month.

Sabre tool thanks

A huge shoutout to Sabre  tools for supporting the trail crew: We got a fresh batch of cutting tools and supplies to ensure your deadfall-free trail pleasure!


See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder