Trails Update: June 25-29, 2018

Trails Update: June 25-29, 2018

April showers bring June overgrown trails 

It’s time for annual haircuts on our powerline and logging clear-cut trails. The May false start to the summer really got the Thimbleberry and Alder growing! The direct sunlight might be nice for plants but running a chainsaw/brushcutter for hours is less pleasant. We picked the coolest days to give Hot Dog Alley”,“Beaver Pass/Pond” and “River runs through it” the first trim. We also started on the long ignored “lower Babylon”/”See Colours and Puke” loop. 

Nature alert! Renee found an “owl pellet” and Pat noticed the sweet bear claw mark on a tree (see photos below).

Pat and I tested our rain gear while inspecting the “Jane Lakes Trail” (sometimes the meteorologist gets it completely wrong). There’s a fair bit of BIG deadfall and the blueberry bushes have mostly reclaimed the upper (Jake Lake) loop. The crew will be spending time up there when those blueberries ripen! 

Trail status update 

“Lord of the Squirrels”: We have patched up the trail to the 2nd viewpoint, but, the cold wet week hasn’t melted much of the snow up there. The closure remains at 1425m.    

Dark Crystal”: OPEN on July 1st! 

“Lower Sproatt“: Machine work is ongoing (into July).  

Please obey all closure and signage. 

Keen volunteers:

We’ve been getting quite a few emails from folks who missed out on the spring volunteer trail nights. If you are keen to help the trail crew, we can always use 2 more buckets! 

Please reach out to us through:  

Thanks for reading! 

Dan Raymond, WORCA Lead Trail Builder