Trails Update: June 20, 2019

Trails Update: June 20, 2019

Jane Lakes Success

The crew put in some weekend hours to support the 14 WAM endurance race volunteers last Saturday. The black flies were out in full force, but they were no match for these resilient athletes! All of the planned re-routes got done and the lower FSR is now passable! Fair warning though: none of the creek crossings are upgraded yet, so expect rudimentary log walks until we build rideable bridges (when the blueberries are ripe…)

“Why aren’t you in there finishing those bridges now?”

The crew will be busy with upgrades to Comfortably Numb before the Dirty Thirty: WORCA 30th anniversary ride. This week, the foreplay descent got some clearing and armouring.


LOTS (LESS) Update
The wait is half over! While the WORCA crew repaired a bridge, rerouted giant deadfall and added some berms to LOTS, The RMOW crew has been performing maintenance and clearing Into the Mystic and LESS. The snow has receded to the start of LESS (Lower Elevation, Shorter Squirrels). You can now “warm-up” for the full Sproatt loop (On the Rocks – Happy Hour – LOTS) with this fun “half lap”: LESS


Chipmunk Rebellion Trail Nights
“I’ll have a double veggie-dog, cheese, ketchup, relish…. and some Doritos on there too please.” Diggers can eat whatever they want: they earned it! Coastal Culture broke-in some trail and provided the BBQ’ed goods. It was an international effort with a large contingent from Les 2 Alpes. New friends and new dogs worked together to dig up some new trail!

Chipmunk reconnaissance has the flank trail in sight and momentum is on the rebels’ side! The Chipmunk Rebellion is well underway.


Join the Rebellion!
Tuesday June 28, the dig night will be supported by Vorsprung suspension

Meet us at the bottom of AC/DC (yellow gate) at 5:30pm


Will we reach the flank before school’s out?…

See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder