Trails Update: June 18-22, 2018

Trails Update: June 18-22, 2018

Too hot to set “Green Jello” 

This week got started with a scorcher: hot enough to keep the bugs away!

Trek Dirt Series sponsored the last trail night of the spring. 25 Tuesday diggers got a full workout moving 267 buckets of rock and dirt to cap last week’s 130 metre bottomless duff trench (all numbers are approximations).

This section of “Lower Sproatt” still needs some work before opening it… we will wait until BC Hydro has completely completed their work on the new-new-road to connect it. (sometime in July)

If you feel like you missed out on the dig nights… you have indeed.

Mark your calendars, there will be more: Thursday August 16 for the Crankworx Trail Day sponsored by Freehub Magazine and Specialized.

After that, you can include trail work in your winter season conditioning, starting in September.

Lord of the Squirrels

The crew then headed up to escape the heat (so did the bugs!). We continued buffing and armouring “Lord Of The Squirrels”.

“Hey Dan, I want to ride “Lord Of The Squirrels” this summer! I heard it’s super hard AND I also heard it’s super easy… How should I prepare?” ~Enthusiastic yet cautious adventurer

I’m glad you ask! Right now is the perfect time to test your mettle: The trail is open as an “out-and back” to an elevation of 1425 metres. (the flank trail is at 1000m). You’ll definitely hike your bike up some (or most) of it and get to see for yourself what the trail entails before committing to the full loop later in the summer.

This will challenge your fitness and your mind: Climb up until your legs have had enough or you can’t stand the mosquitoes anymore… both are part of the full experience!

Here are some worthwhile target destinations:
(distances are one-way from flank trail)

Start of old growth -1 km to elevation 1100m
First view point -1.7 km to elevation 1160m
Skinny bridge -2.5km to elevation 1250m
Second view point -3.4km to elevation 1325m
Third view point -4.1km to elevation 1400m CURRENT CLOSURE POINT
Fourth view point -4.6km to elevation 1465m

Highest bridge – 5.2km to elevation 1540m
Gateway to sub-alpine 5.6km to elevation 1600m
Squirrel beach 6.9km to elevation 1690m

Again, expect 2-way traffic until the full loop is open.

I’m betting on July 27…

Trails status update:

“Micro Climate” is open
“Dark Crystal” is CLOSED until July 1

Kadenwood access to south network CLOSED for fire thinning

Please obey all signage
See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond, WORCA Lead Trail Builder