Trails Update: June 14, 2019

Trails Update: June 14, 2019

Jane lakes clearing

Our ears are still ringing from the whining wail of 2 stroke cutters. This week we tackled clearing the Jane-Jake and Jane lake north trails. There’s still plenty to cry about on the FSR (and we’re working our way down) but these trails are ready for the WAM runners to bench in some sections that need ground work on Saturday (June 15). After that, we’ll be upgrading several water crossings to make them bike-rideable.


Chipmunk Rebellion debrief

The Chipmunks are making progress, this week was supported by Fanatyk Co. who provided tasty potent potables for the 23 dirty diggers! Stumps were pulled, rocks got stacked and trail was benched.

Next week will be Coastal Culture’s turn to feed the rebels. Meet us Tuesday at the exit of the AC/DC trail at 5:30 to hike/bike up to the worksite (tools are up there already).


Volunteer perks!

Hammer Coffee Roasting has donated some of their fine coffee for the Volunteers that attended the most trail nights in May: Luke de Jager, Peter Haydon, Ian Brett, Pat Plante and Chantal Felten will be getting fresh beans delivered!


Whistler-Blackcomb is continuing their program of rewarding frequent volunteers: attending 3 trail nights will earn you a bike park ticket (or a top of the world upgrade). See you on Tuesday…


LOTS update
Many of you have been asking: “When can I ride Lord of the Squirrels?”

-I’m afraid, not for some time… We can’t see the snow from the valley , but the forest floor is still covered below the treeline.

Good news: LESS (into LOTS) should be open next weekend! The WORCA crew will be repairing a snow-load-damaged bridge on LOTS and The RMOW crews are working on Into the Mystic this week.


Remember to check conditions and status of trails on Trailforks before heading out! (and keep reporting what you find out there…)

See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder