Trails Update: June 11-15, 2018

Trails Update: June 11-15, 2018

We started this week by sharpening all of the tools to tackle the “Green Jello” re-route (of the Lower Sproatt road). Tuesday night diggers were up against the deepest duff of the season! There was enough red rot under the green moss to consider changing the project name to “Red Velvet Cake”. The cold beer and snacks were provided by long-time trail crew supporter Pritchard!

Next week (June 19) we’ll close out the spring Tuesday dig nights by finishing this same project with support from Trek Dirt Series. Meet us at 5:30 at the top of Danimal North in Stonebridge.

“Lord of the Squirrels” update.

There’s anecdotal “evidence” that Sproatt can get 50% more snow than Whistler mountain… the same is true for rainfall! It was really wet up there this week, which is perfect for puddle hunting (and repair). We’ve patched up the bottom section (first year of build: 2014) armouring holes and enhancing berms.

While building a particular section in that first year, I remember fully exhausting the nearby rock supply to anchor several bridges. To my surprise, that same “quarry” had been re-supplied by a fresh (!) rockslide.

The namesake Squirrel also came by to say hello. We chatted.

The current closure point is at 1400m where a tree conveniently blocks the trail. That provides keeners with roughly 4 km of out-and-back riding.

!!! Expect 2-way traffic !!!

There’s still plenty of snow in the flatter terrain just above this point.

We’ll be continuing our work up the trail in the coming weeks, and updating the location of the closure on trailforks.

Fire thinning update:

“Rick’s Roost”: Tree falling is done and road rehab is underway.
“Whip Me, Snip Me”: Tree falling is done and road rehab is underway.

Kadenwood: Tree falling operations are still ongoing, affecting access to trails above Kadenwood (heading south).

Blackcomb trails:

“Microclimate” is open… albeit still pretty wet.
“Dark Crystal” is CLOSED until at least July 1.

Please respect all signage and closures.

Dan Raymond, WORCA Lead Trail Builder