Trails Update: June 6, 2019

Trails Update: June 6, 2019

The Rebellion is on!

In some ways, breaking ground on a new trail can be as exciting as it’s ribbon cutting. This past Tuesday, after countless explorations and laying flagging in pretty much every direction, we cut the first bit of corridor on the Chipmunk Rebellion. I’m not one to procrastinate, but this was cutting it close: the rebellion was scheduled to start that night. This was confirmed to me by the rather large chipmunk gathering her strength before the uprising (she was sunbathing). Also: it’s been on the Tuesday dig night calendar since spring…

32 rebels took steel to the ground in an epic first battle. As expected, the first steps of a march up the mountain may have been the most difficult. There was unexpected bedrock, pesky stumps and even the first aid kit came out…

It was Evolution Whistler’s time to shine! This was their first trail night and they brought all of their staff (plus santa cruz bits from the store!) The rebels slept well and vowed to return for more!

This week will be supported by Fanatyk Co.
Meet us Tuesday night at the yellow gate (The exit of  AC/DC) at 5:30pm. We’ll hike or ride up to the site (about 30 minutes). The new trail is on Trailforks, we’re working at the bottom (just off of industrial waste)

Viva la rebellion!


There’s a trail somewhere under there!

There’s another volunteer trail event this week! On Saturday, June 15, the Whistler Alpine Meadows Running Race are “running” a work party (FULL DAY!) on the Jane lakes trails.
This is a program where their 175 km (!) racers need to perform 8 hours of trailwork as part of their race registration.
“There’s a trail around Jane lakes?” you might ask… I would answer: “there WAS a trail”.

So the WORCA crew has been looking for it. We’re almost done the massive clearing job to re-expose (see pics!) the trail before next weekend’s trail day.

If you’re keen for a trailwork adventure (and long hike) email for details.

See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder