Trails Update: July 19, 2019

Trails Update: July 19, 2019

Tools out!
The final commute on a remote trail is definitely the second worse. The worst commute is the first one: getting everything in there, usually uphill, to begin with.

It’s quite satisfying to lug the tools out of a trail.

There’s a sense of completion (although, nothing is ever really complete) and excitement to move on to a new project (despite having to get the tool UP to that project).

This week, we lugged the tools out of Comfortably Numb AND the alpine section of LOTS… actually, those tools will never make it back down below the flank… anyone interested in riding down with a 5’ rock bar? I didn’t think so. And besides… we’ll probably need it again eventually.

Chipmunk reinforcements!
We also thought the tools were coming out of the Chipmunk Rebellion this week… but there was more work to be done! The WORCA dirt camp kids stepped up to do their part.

It was a miserable cold rainy Ju-vember day:

“Nice to meet you,… I’m so cold” said a keen recruit.

“ The best way to warm up is to DIG!!!”

And dig they did! Deep duff was dug, filled with rock and capped with gold.

At Tuesday dig nights, food and drink are the reward but for these kids, it was warmth! And the privilege to shred the freshest trail.

So, the tools are still up there… who’s coming up next?

Oh, and, by the way: Lord of the Squirrels is open now!

See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder