Trails Update: July 16-20, 2018

Trails Update: July 16-20, 2018


BC Hydro have completed the re-re-upgrade of their Lower Sproatt road… Perfect timing to announce that the new “Green Jello” section of the dessert platter is done! 40 WORCA campers came out to learn about trail building and help complete this short but very difficult to build segment. The fully volunteer effort battled deep duff! We had already run 2 Tuesday night digs on this section but these kids got to experience the thrill of the last bucket of dirt AND first tracks!  

Overheard on the trail: 

“Can I grab one of the weapons?”  

“When do we get to use the Chainsaw?” 

“I need the scissors!” 

“This trail looks too easy!” 

“Good work Danny, Danny and Danny.” 

We’ll be adding to the dessert platter in September for those of you that want to share in the Tuesday night fun. If you can’t wait ‘till then: Join us for the Crankworx/Freehub/Specialized trail day on August 16 (trail project is still top secret…)  


“Lord of the Squirrels” and the rest of the Sproatt alpine trails are open! “Out and back” season is over so you must pedal the complete loop in the intended direction now (“Into the Mystic>On the Rocks>Lord of the Squirrels”- “Happy Hour” is open too). There’s still some snow patches on “On the Rocks” so please follow the flagging laid out by the RMOW crew.  

Again: prepare for a BIG ride! Read up on what to expect on trailforks 

The WORCA crew completed a thorough patch-up of the trail that included 237 “spot projects”. A “Spot” could be: improving a drain, smashing a rock, armouring a brake-rut, adding a berm, building a grade reversal, Filling in a step/transition… This week, we put Rob’s rock to good use (see last week’s report), tried a new rock “nailing” technique and finished by setting-in a sweet Quartz plate into the trail. 

I look forward to seeing all of the #lordofthesquirrels  


Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder