Trails Update: July 12, 2019

Trails Update: July 12, 2019

Missed the dirty 30?
There’s now even more fun to be had along the course: Yummier numby is open and the trail crew have spent the whole week working in Comfortably numb (golden door to Jeff’s) patching holes and upgrading bridges so there’s even more cedar to smell in there! Also: berries are popping! Bonus: major armouring on Jeff’s trail as well! This is a terrific warm-up ride before tackling the higher stuff across the valley.

Is it open yet? (LOTS update)
The descent trail (LOTS) is ready! Access to it however…not so much.

Still snow and saturated trail tread above LESS (Mystic>On the Rocks)

Please be patient! The lake temperature is currently “BRAIN FREEZE” and there are still no flowers to smell/ berries to pick up there. Bugs though: there are definitely bugs!

Check Trailforks (Not any facebook group…) for the most up to date status report.

Trying to circumnavigate the snow patches instantly creates braids by damaging the delicate alpine flora and tire tracks trap water on the already wet trailbed.

Next week, WORCA will freshen up LOTS (above LESS) and The RMOW trail crew will be working their way down “On the rocks” and “into the mystic”.

Quick nature fun:
Renee found another owl pellet! Can anyone tell us whose bones those are (see photos)?

Benoit found a persistent sawyer beetle that insisted on inspecting any and all nails.

I stumbled upon a very tired oriole chick in cheakamus and saved a snail from slippery squish on the valley trail. Both were very photogenic!

See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder