Trails Update: Aug 29, 2019

Trails Update: Aug 29, 2019

Danimal South blue-ification
Our continued efforts to provide a continuous intermediate link from Lord of the Squirrels to the valley focused on the lowest piece: Danimal South into THC.

This was a substantial effort in compromise. Without enough real estate to add an entirely new, separate intermediate trail, we toned down the rooty chaos with strategic armouring and “slow-traffic lanes” for root free braking. We also built a new line which bypasses the crux turns (the original line is unchanged for those who like the spice).

Fast, confident riders will only notice the few enhanced jumps as the original off camber root lines are unchanged.

We’re truly trying to please everybody on this one!

WORCA campers help
We returned to Cherry on Top this week with even more recruits!

After the trail crew had moved some behemoth chunks of granite into solid hollow structures, it was time to fill these crevices and create an earthquake-proof riding surface. 25 WORCA campers hustled to fill the cribs with rocks of all shapes and sizes (that could safely be carried). Then came the sweet orange dirt… I could barely keep up with the unending supply of buckets. What a day! This extension is almost done…

So let’s finish it!
Tuesday Dig Nights are back on September 3rd. Join us to help finish the Cherry on Top extension… and start digging into “Whipped Cream”! The trail crew has already started prepping this section, assembling bridges and pulling the 3-hour stump…

This week is sponsored by Brent Harley and Associates and Olive’s Community Market .

Meeting Time: 5:30

Location: Stonebridge end of Lower Sproatt  (across from start of Danimal North)

Project: Cherry on Top extension

Flying terror and cuteness
As the WORCA campers enjoyed a snack…

“Aaaaaaahhhh! Wasp!!!!!”

Strange chaos ensued of teens waving their sandwiches at any flying insect while stumbling around in circles. There were no wasps. There were Hornets. And Horse flies and Deer flies.

The hornets are indeed scary looking predators. They do sting, if you approach their nest. However, when “out and about” they are fierce hunters: of other insects! Incredibly, the hornets would swoop by our heads to nab the pesky deer and horse flies that were trying to bite us.

“Aaaaaahhh! That one’s a wasp!”

No, that’s a Hover fly. I can tell by its flight pattern: Wasps don’t hover or fly backwards (these observations are just anecdotal). They’re friendly and just want to kiss you… sort of like a miniature flying dog that happens to look like a wasp!

I summoned my inner Steve Irwin and managed to get one to land on my finger.

“See! We’re friends now”


See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder