Trails Update: Aug 20-24, 2018

Trails Update: Aug 20-24, 2018

Trail nights coming soon!

The trail crew started the week with some finishing touches on the new “Yummy Numby” bypass. We assembled the 2 northbound switchbacks in the next section and prepared it for the return of Tuesday dig night (September 4th). The meeting point to get your dig on is the start of “Yummy Numby” at 5:30 pm.

Smoke and Dust

If you’re looking for an easy breathing pedal with minimal dust, head over to “Cut Yer Bars”. We added some signage, choked sections of trail and de-branched the entire zone. Trailforks data for the area was also updated. Other dust proof trails include “Secret Trail North” (first section of Comfortably numb) and the entire no-flow zone.

Or then again, rest up for next weekend’s 2nd annual Lord of the Squirrels ride. Looks like the smoke should clear and there’s even some moisture in the forecast!

Spicy snack:

We’ve been noticing ground wasp nests lately… and so have the bears. Did you know that bears will dig up wasp nests to eat the larvae! I’d stick to eating berries!

See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder