Trails Update: Aug 16, 2019

Trails Update: Aug 16, 2019

Back with a splash

It’s always a little shocking to get back into work mode after 2 weeks of sleep-ins and all-day rides…

The Chainsaw felt heavier than I remembered as we pedaled into Jane lakes to “get it over with” (for this year). Perhaps careless strapping the saw to my pack, the bar leaned out more than it should have. I was excited to finish the last bridges to link the two lakes. As my mind wandered from planning the various tasks that the crew would be tackling to wondering how good all these huckleberries would taste, I barely noticed the bar of the saw on my back hooking a small tree. The tree tugged at me and I optimistically expected it to eventually release the saw as I kept pedalling. Realizing that an emergency dismount was inevitable, time slowed (perhaps so that I could appreciate the quickly escalating turn of events). The tree dragged me off the bike, I tried to roll with it to brace for impact, my fully extended seat post wasn’t cooperating and seemed to catapult me… towards the lake! 

I twisted and fought the drag of my pack and the saw, reaching for any solid thing, only to find plump berry bushes which offered no respite to my fall. 

“I’m going in!”

I felt by boots fill up instantly and the cold water saturating my jeans as my now frantic arms finally grasped an alder that prevented a full dip.

I crawled out of there like a wet cat and struggled to get my boots off while imagining the sinister headline that could have been. Mondays are hard.

We did get the last needed bridges done, cleared the monster deadfall on the south side trails, made trail signs and stained our hands with ripe blueberries.

It’s good to be back!



The Solitude of working in Jane Lakes was fully contrasted with our annual Freehub/Specialized trail day. 40 keeners came up to “Out of the Dust” to help make the trail less “Into the Mud”. 

Groups led by Specialized pro-riders, Freehub staffers and WORCA builders built drains, filled holes, armoured roots and spread a generous helping of gorgeous orange dirt on this busy climb. 

This year’s apres was also a tremendous affair with trail tales, tasty beer and creekbread pizza!

It was great to see some returning folks and make new friends. 


Tuesday Dig Nights coming soon

Mark you calendars: Our weekly volunteer trail nights return on September 3rd. We’ll be working on the lower sproatt singletrack…

Details in next week’s newsletter.


See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder