Trails Update: April 25, 2019

Trails Update: Apr 25, 2019

Chainsaws and rakes and birds

It sounds like spring in the woods. Love is literally in the air… I mean for birds of course. Males are loudly wooing ladybirds and established couples are claiming their turf. There’s a lot of tweeting going on but that chorus is interrupted by the rhythmic scraping of rakes and steady wail of 2-stroke trail clearing machines. Winter’s been blustery and every trail has a fresh coat of treetop trimmings (often, the whole tree). The trail crew will be focusing our clearing efforts on getting the lower elevation trails into shape before venturing up too far. It was our first week back at it, so we tested our skills on a little bit of everything: a bridge on Piece of Cake, armouring on THC, a rock wall on Cut Yer Bars and a whole lot of chainsaw handling. I’d say our skills are as tight as they were last fall… (Cliche alert) you could say It’s like riding a bike!

Keep those trailforks reports coming! Here’s a good one: Bush Doctor . Our plan is to make some noise with the birds in that neck of the woods on Monday.

Good to Go!

Most of the valley bottom trails are ready for action. Highlights include:

Kill Me, Thrill Me/ Out There

Lost lake/ Cut Yer Bars

A Cut Above/ Beaver Pass

Danimal (all 3 sections)

Business Time and Am/Pm


Flank and Blackcomb access are still under serious snow cover. Cheakamus trails “above” Business Time are still closed due to the fire thinning along Cheakamus Lake FSR. Check trail status on trailforks before your ride.

Cut Yer Bars!

We find broken bike parts and tubes and reflectors (!) in the forest all the time. I can relate to the frustration of a breakdown far from home but I don’t understand why you’d abandon a derailleur or pedal out there. We did get a chuckle when Renee found a literal handlebar “cut-off” on its namesake trail. Please pack it out folks!


See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder