Trails Update: April 12, 2019

Trails Update: Apr 12, 2019

It looks like summer is melting its way into the Whistler valley and that can only mean that fresh trail reports are on the horizon! Here’s the first one of 2019:


This season, the trail crew will revisit some of the harder to get to bike destinations around the valley including Jane lakes and Comfortably Numb. We’ll continue upgrading our ageing bridges (Get over it, Kill me Thrill me, Billy Epic) and armouring the most heavily “loved” trails (LOTS, LESS, Howler, Foreplay). Stay up to date about our freshest work here

“How can I help?” you may ask…

This year’s Tuesday Dig Nights will focus on new trail construction projects: We’ll start with phase 3 of “Yummy Numby” on May 7th (also: May 14, 21, 28).

We’ll then break ground on “Chipmunk Rebellion” on June 4 (also June 11, 18, 25, Jul 2).

June 15 will be a full day effort in Jane lakes.

In the Fall, we’ll finally get at “Far out/Flashback” (pending approval).

Check the weekly newsletter or WORCA website for details.

“Hey Dan, there’s a tree blocking a trail on the westside…” TRAILFORKS!

We’ve had a wild winter weather-wise! I expect tons of trees down all over the valley.  Trailforks reports are the most effective way to help us get the network clear of deadfall. Please file your report on the spot (location of the tree blocking the trail) with a picture of the tree (bike in the shot for scale) so that we can make the most effective workplan (Where to access from and what size of saw is required). Here’s a tutorial for submitting reports on trailforks

Please ride with a handsaw this spring to do your part! But…. leave complex/dangerous work to the experts. Check out this timelapse!

One more thing: Also file a trailforks report when you clear a tree so that we avoid a pointless journey.

See you on the trails!

Dan Raymond

WORCA Lead Trail Builder