Trail Work Update: 9 June 2017

Trail Work Update: 9 June 2017

“Hey Dan! Where have you been digging?” “Hey Dan! What’s new in trails?””Hey, Dan! What have you been up to?”

Clearly, I have not been keeping up to date with my trail reports…

The heavy snowload delayed our usual “crack of march” trailwork and has kept us busy on the chainsaws clearing deadfall. Keep us posted if you see any new ones ( pictures and geotags help with saw selection…

Once again, we hosted the entire grade 9 class from the Waldorf school for a week of dirt camp. This year’s project is really close to home (close to the school) and was riddled with great dirt and bird action…


“Robin yer eggs!” adds a new blue trail in the “Cut yer bars” network. It runs parallel to “Roll yer bones” to provide less technical access from the north and some new loop options.

On the trail night front, a great deal of dirt has been moved this spring! From the small army that rebuffed “It’s business time” to the weather hardy crew that blue-i-fied “get over it”, there has been a lot of pruning and raking to save your eyeballs and derailleurs.

Last week we began expanding the dessert platter: adding single-track to “Lower Sproatt” where the steep double track (let’s face it, it’s a road) stings most.

You will notice the first new treat on the way up to “3 birds” (which got some armouring last week).

Now that you know what’s up, I can focus on the other pressing question I keep hearing:

“Hey Dan, When will the Lord of the Squirrels be open?”…

Report by Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder