Trail Work Update: 8 September 2017

Trail Work Update: 8 September 2017

LOTS 1st Anniversary/Grand opening

Well, that was fun! I could not count all the high fives, but a whole bunch of riders were out celebrating our new trail last weekend.

OUR new trail.

Over 200 individuals volunteered to make this experience possible! Whether you were digging on the mountain or performing some heavy lifting in the meeting rooms and committees, I want to extend another huge thank you!

Signage progress…

Sometimes less is more… confusing. We’ve been installing many trail sign posts and listening to feedback from users (locals and tourists). As a result, we are adding posts to intersections, road crossings and trail end points. Our goal is to eliminate ambiguous arrows and the ever-annoying “pull phone out AGAIN to verify on trailforks”.

Fall trail days/nights

We’re just as excited as you are to get digging again! We’re lining up this fall’s volunteer trail-work events …patiently (barely) waiting for rain. Details to come…

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder