Trail Work Update: 6 October 2017

Trail Work Update: 6 October 2017

Trash 2.0

We’re toiling away in the new section of Trash this week. Making all the parts and framing bridges to connect both ends of the trail.

The first vollie night (Oct 3rd) got the ball rolling with some rockwork and benching for approx. 100m of trail. We’re hitting it up again on October 10th for the last trail night of the year: dirt burgers!

Uh, I mean dirt and burgers (and beer)!
Sponsored by Chromag bikes
Meet @ 4:30pm in the FSR parking lot for the Trainwreck suspension bridge (south end of Trash trail)

Heard on the trail

“Why are you peeling the logs?”

Insects and fungi thrive in the space between the bark and hardwood. Once mushrooms get going, even Cedar will decay much more rapidly. Exposing the wood also allows it to fully dry, preventing rot. Peeling a log only takes a few minutes and adds years to its lifespan. Learn more about sustainable trail carpentry in the “Whistler Trail Standards” document.

Fun fact: Spring is the easiest time to peel cedar because of the abundance of water/sap flowing up the tree.

In a related story: Peeling logs is the best way to warm up when it’s -1c at 7am!

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder