Trail Work Update: 4 August 2017

Trail Work Update: 4 August 2017

A short week with the crew due to the smoke; “Howler” de-branch, choke and rake is done, with some bog fill thrown in for good measure. Have a go if your lungs can handle that climb.

Speaking of lung busting climbs, The Sproatt Epic loop (that’s right, I said Epic.) is finally open! It’s extra Epic with smoke, leftover snow, horse flies and -2 Celsius water in Camp lake (temperature of the lake could be an exaggeration).

Tim Haggerty, Jerome David and I tested the adventure on Thursday. (I had to inspect the berries…) It was sooo satisfying to take down that “trail closed” sign! Expect cold wet feet through “On the Rocks” and “Happy Hour” for a few more weeks. The RMOW asks that you follow their flagging through the snow to stay on the trail and mind the crews performing finishing work.

Great timing… When I reached the “trail closed” sign, there was a group of German tourists getting ready to descend (after climbing up the “Lord of the Squirrels”). I enlisted them to help us repair the damage caused by others who had ignored said sign. They were rewarded with “first tracks” swimming at the lake and the chance to watch Tim’s armouring work in action.

With the Sproatt loop now open,  “Lord of the Squirrels” returns to downhill primary, so… NO UPHILL BIKING!

Now onto Crankworx! That’s vacation time for the trail crew, ha ha!

Dan Raymond
#1 Berry Inspector & WORCA Trail Crew