Trail Work Update: 30 June 2017

Trail Work Update: 30 June 2017

This week, we tried to tame the jungle in the south end of town. “Runaway train” was an impassable prickly mess! And now, you won’t need a GPS to find the entrance to “Lower your saddle”. Some plants are satisfying to cut: Alder, Stinging Nettle, Devil’s club, but it’s conflicting to chop down the berry bushes: They will slash you, but also provide trailside snacks…

The heat has also increased the hazards for tall riders (tall – not my problem…) with dry branches curling down to poke your eyes out. Many trees were climbed to get at the threats on “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, “Just another bike trail” and “Cable guy”.

We capped the week off with a maintenance journey up the “Lord of the Squirrels”. I Strava-ed my day to see what kind of effort we put in… I’m skeptical that I was only moving for 3 hours and 47 minutes in a 10 hour workday! Can you figure out what spots we worked on from the Strava track?

We safely built a berm that we were forced to abandon last September, because Raph got 4 wasp stings. And yes we moved the “closed” sign further up. You can now enjoy 3 km freshly raked flow.

Expect 2-way traffic!