Trail Work Update: 27 October 2017

Trail Work Update: 27 October 2017

Rainbow Bridge Story

I went on a tree clearing mission through the no flow zone after the last snowstorm and stumbled upon a broken bridge on “Shit Happens south”. The next day’s work plan changed instantly: the crossing was sketchy! Operating a chainsaw in a residential area always draws attention, so it was no surprise to meet some of the neighbours:

“Oh, you’re finally fixing this bridge! It’s been broken all summer.”

“I only found out yesterday… We would have come sooner if you filed a trail report on Trail Forks or emailed WORCA. ”

Funny thing: That conversation happened a dozen times!

We are winding things down for the season, so the quick, automatic, magical fixing of things will cease until spring… unless something urgent/dangerous is reported. In our final full week, we also tackled some armouring and line tweaks on “Billy Epic” and “Wizard Burial Ground”. Enjoy!

Tube Story

I went out to clear the reported dead-fall on “Secret trail north” and “Young Lust” and brought along some signage in order to hit two birds with one stone. I had the signboard and a well used tube (cut in half) to wrap it around a tree at the intersection. Alas, I underestimated the size of all the trees in that area! The tube halves were too short. As I pondered repeating the trek to this spot again to get the sign up, I heard some riders approaching:

“Do you happen to have a used/already punctured tube with you by any chance?”

“No, but I’d be happy to donate this new one to help,” said Jacques.

It seemed wrong to cut up a perfectly good tube but it got the sign up. Jacques and Derek even helped me clear the next big tree on the trail. I passed them at the rockfaces and planned to thank Jacques with a beer at the car. Only Derek showed up… Jacques got a flat tire. The best stories (or beer) are earned!

Owl Story

I saw an owl. End of story. (edited for length/clarity)

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder