Trail Work Update: 22 September 2017

Trail Work Update: 22 September 2017

Down and merino!

With a sharp chill in the morning and some snow up high, it feels like we’re almost out of the woods… rest assured, we’re not done yet.

However, we are done for this year in the south end of Comfortably Numb. After clearing the biggest Cottonwood I’ve ever seen that was blocking the “land of confusion loop”, we added another bridge and armoured some roots to improve the flow through the XC plateau. We worked our way down Yummy Numby filling holes and building rockwalls where the trail was slumping. Working near Blackcomb creek gave us the opportunity to experiment with making gold mud. Let’s see how it holds up…

Get dirty!

Tuesday volunteer trail nights are starting up again this week (Sep 26). See you at the new Scotia Creek climb! (details here)

In the following weeks, we’ll be working on some new singletrack at the start of trash.

Keep us posted

The dropping temperatures and sudden extra moisture back in the ground will likely drop trees all over the network. Please report dead-fall (with pictures and location) on trailforks or by emailing the trails team.

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder