Trail Work Update: 20 October 2017

Trail Work Update: 20 October 2017

I can’t help myself! Really. Last week we got “Rubbish” into rideable condition, with the intention of running a volunteer trail night next spring to finish & officially open it. Walking away from an unfinished project keeps me up at night… but, we have plenty of other projects to tackle around the valley before the SNOW!

I was typing a “Sorry crew, work is cancelled due to snow…” text. Before hitting the “send” button, I thought to check the highway webcam for Function Junction: No snow there! That text changed to “We’re going back to Rubbish”.

We were giddy to see how much water flows through this creek! The countless waterfalls drowned out the sound of heavy rain. After trimming bridges, benching and armouring the rest of the trail, we had a pleasant chat with the resident squirrel about the pesky woodpeckers and their unrelenting pecking.

This zone has really grown on me!

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder