Trail Work Update: 15 September 2017

Trail Work Update: 15 September 2017

Thanks to some moisture falling from the sky, we went back into Comfortably Numb to continue smoothing it out. We’ve made it through the Golden Door and are working our way back towards Yummy Numby capping our fresh armouring from earlier this summer.

We’ve also added more rock and capping to the new start (Secret North)… the first “customers” cleaned it without a sweat!

Lower Sproatt closure

BC Hydro will be re-activating the “Lower Sproatt” double track (into a utility road) in the coming weeks. The trail will be CLOSED during construction. Check Trailforks before your ride. We will be removing some of the bridges shortly so that they can be re-used after BC Hydro is done.

It’s not all bad news however, as they have granted us permission to ride on the road AND develop more singletrack around it. Our plan is to continue adding to the dessert platter, eventually connecting “Piece of Cake” to “A la mode” to “Cherry on Top” and beyond… hmmmmmm “Green Jello”!

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Crew