Trail Work Update: 14 July 2017

Trail Work Update: 14 July 2017

The snow is melting and we have opened more of the Lord of the Squirrels (still as a two way “out and back” experience). The closure is now at 1600m with some snow patches next to the trail. You can expect this closure point to remain until snow is completely gone at the lake (1700m) since the trail crosses several low grade alpine meadows where the winter snow-pack was deepest and the melt water drains the slowest. I’d say it’s worth saving your “big all-day ride” for some time in August when you can ride to the peak, take a dip in the lake, and shred down through the wildflowers.

The wildfire threat rating is at EXTREME right now, so the trail crew has shifted to “low fire risk” activities. This presents an opportunity to perform somewhat tedious, yet much needed, tasks like chopping overhead eye-gouging branches and choking wide sections of trails. So far, we have hit “Pura Vida”, “Mid Danimal”, “Working Class”, “Beaver Pass”, “Wizard Burial Ground” and “A Cut Above”.

While finishing the snipping of “A Cut Above”, we decided to improve the merge with “Whip me, Snip me” for the BC Bike Race. With minutes to spare before the first racers came through, we completed “The Emergency Berm!” (a temporary feature) The trail crew was stoked to watch local shred hero Jesse Melamed put our freshest work to the test!

If you’re tired of choking on dust, hit up the rock faces of west-side and northern trails (The “no-flow zone” is mostly dust free!). I recommend checking out “Section 102′, “North of Town”, “White Knuckles” or “No Girlie Man” for some less ridden, advanced rock-venture.

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder