Trail Work Update: 13 October 2017

Trail Work Update: 13 October 2017

Trash 2.0 is “Rubbish”

Patrick Plante came up with the name at the Chromag sponsored dirt burger dig party. “First you ride “Garbage”, into “Rubbish”, then “Trash”. Hard to argue against that sort of theme.

We had access to great materials (and muscle) to get a lot of trail done. It was a conveyor belt of digging trail to transport decking to assemble a bridge to dig more trail to transport decking to another bridge… to burgers by Lisa.

The new trail is ride-able (east to west) if you want to have a look. It is an “Old school advanced XC loamer” with the odd trials move where more work is underway. Did I mention the skinny?

Lord of the Squirrels is in hibernation. Hopefully you have had a few grippy turns last week because #alltimefalltime was short this year.  The mushrooms have barely popped up before getting covered in snow. This has made us cancel the October 21st trail day on LOTS. I guess you can now focus on waxing skis or making that Halloween costume. We’ll be back up there in the spring.

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder