Trail Work Update: 1 September 2017

Trail Work Update: 1 September 2017

The dry weather continues. After 6 weeks of pole-saw work, we feel like we are losing direction… seems appropriate to install some trail signs. We put in close to 30 posts and ran out of name plates/arrows.

While in the north end of town, we decided to begin “de-beach-ing” the new entrance to Comfortably numb. It’s a bit of an experiment since we’ve never dealt with such light and perfect sand. Current conditions still warrant extra-fat tires.  More rock will be needed, followed by tacky dirt when the fall weather sets in.

Foraging update: If you’re hungry, head up to Jake lake (above “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”) for the biggest blueberries I’ve seen this year.

Story time: In Light of our “Grand opening/ 1st anniversary” celebration for “Lord of the Squirrels”, I thought you’d like to know how the name came about:

A trail name can be serendipitous. It mostly comes along unexpected while constructing it. My first idea came before we broke ground: “First Rule of BIKE Club!” In light of the main reason for the creation of WORCA: access to trails. And funny: This trail is no secret, you’re supposed to talk about BIKE club.

Things evolved as the trail progressed up and we reached the pristine old growth forest. The fast, twisty style of the trail is a lot like 2 squirrels chasing each other. “Squirrel Chase!” But, that as a name, was missing some “je ne sais quoi”. I love a name with double-entendre or a pun.

“The Lord of the Rings” trilogy was always at the back of my mind: for the epic three year build, filled with countless challenges, monsters and heart stopping plot twists! Spoiler alert: the monsters were mosquitoes!

Then I met the “Alpha Squirrel”… While building a bridge next to a giant cedar, he would come to within a few feet of my running chainsaw to “bark” at me. At first, I found him to be cute and funny. After a few days, I was awed at his resolve: The trail would be named after him!

“Lord of the Squirrels!”

We became best friends.

Dan Raymond, WORCA Trail Builder