Toonie Ride Schedule

Toonie Ride Schedule 2018

Avoid line-ups and buy your membership online BEFORE sign-in. There are no more paper waivers to sign in person, everything is online.

The 2018 Toonie Rides will be available as an event series on TrailForks.

DateSponsorsCourse MapSign InAprès
May 3Evolution, The Adventure Group, Pemberton Schramm Distillery, Alpine Cafe, Rocky Mountain Chocolate *NEW ROUTE DUE TO SNOW* Wedgemount Road > Wedgemount IPP Access > Comfortably Numb. View Map. Trailforks.Wedgemount Parking Lot The Adventure Group base - Cougar Mountain
May 10Bike Co., Southside DinerCheakamus - Highside/AMPM. View Map.Interpretive Forest Car ParkSouthside Diner
May 17 - To celebrate Mountain Bike Heritage Week this ride has an optional retro-theme with prizes for best gear and bikes!Arbutus Routes, HandleBar, Whistler Sliding Centre, Coast Mountain Brewing, Fifi's Bistro, Whistler MuseumWB Bike Park. View Map.Arbutus RoutesFifi's & HandleBar Patio
May 24Vorsprung Suspension, The Pique, Coast Mountain Brewing, Hunter GatherCheakamus - Farside/ Business Time. View Map.Vorsprung - FunctionCoast Mountain Brewing
May 31Cancelled. Social Ride will take place instead.Westside Trails.Bottom of Scotia Creek Climb
June 7 Fanatyk Co Ski & Cycle, Southside DinerCheakamus-Tunnel Vision. View Map.Interpretive Forest Car ParkSouthside Diner
June 14Coastal Culture Sports, Creekside Market, Sabre RentalsMicrowave/AM/PM/ Farside/Highline/Tunnel Vision. View Map. TrailforksInterpretive Forest Parking LotCreekside Car Park
June 21Cross Country Connection, Lucia Gelato, Pemberton Valley Coffee Co., Live to Play Sports, Norco, Pemberton Brewing CoLost Lake. View Map.Passiv Haus Cross Country Connection, Passiv Haus
June 28 - 13th Annual Chromag and North Shore Billet Show & ShineChromag Bikes, North Shore Billet, Delish Cafe, Phillips BeerCheakamus. View Map. TrailforksInterpretive Forest Parking LotChromag HQ- Function
July 5HI Whistler, Commencal, Double Diamond Law, Whistler ImmigrationFlank, Pura Vida, Danimal Middle. View Map. ** Easier option (Industrial Waste) is available if Pura Vida is too challenging for you **Interpretive Forest Parking LotHI Whistler
July 12Cascade Environmental, Brent Harley & Associates Inc, Diamondhead Sports, Gone Eatery, Whistler Village Sports, Home Hardware, Whistler Brewing Co.Cheakamus Tour De Trash. View Map. Trailforks.Cascade/BHA offices behind Home HardwareCascade/BHA parking lot behind Home Hardware
July 19Comor, Gnarly Roots Pizza Cafe, Norco, Whistler Brewing Co Westside. View Map. Trailforks.Bottom of Scotia Creek ClimbMeadow Park
July 26Alba Distribution, Earls, Gibbons Whistler, Whistler Performance Lube, Stark Architecture, C Mckenzie Photography, Formula, Flat Tire DefenderRick's Roost, Billy Epic. View Map. Trailforks.Top of Alpine Way.Spruce Grove Baseball Fields.
Aug 2No Toonie Ride this week.
Aug 9Canadian Wilderness AdventuresCallaghan. See Map.Bottom of Callaghan FSR. See Map.Canadian Wilderness Adventures Base Area. Callaghan.
Aug 16Ridebooker, Whistler Connection, Rotary Club of Whistler, Whistler Adaptive Sports Programme, Quantum VitaminsWestside Trails. View Map. Trailforks.Bottom of 21 Mile Creek access roadWhistler Connection offices, 8056 Nesters Road.
Aug 23Select Contracts, Broken Boundary Adventures, Dusty's Bar and Grill, Whistler Brewing Co.Westside Trails. View Map. Trailforks.Yellow chain link fence near the end of AC/DC, off Alta Lake RdDusty's
Aug 30RBC, The Gibbons Hospitality Group, Cube Bikes, Lole WhistlerWestside Trails. View Map. Trailforks.Bottom of Scotia Creek Climb.Longhorn
Sept 6Garbanzo Bike and Bean (GBB), GLC, SPANKBike Park. View Map.Garbanzo Bike and Bean (GBB) Patio
Sept 13Slopeside Supply, Scandinave Spa, Lucia Gelato, Mt. Currie Coffee, Peaked PiesKill Me, Thrill Me Time Trial. View Map.
6pm Start.

Cougar Mountain Road 5:00-6:00PMWedgemount Parking Lot followed by Scandinave Spa
Sept 20Whistler Food Co, Sewak's Your Independent Grocer, Clif, Pemberton Brewing Co.Lost Lake. View Map.
6pm Start.
Passivhaus, Lost Lake.
Lost Lake Passivhaus.
Après followed by the WORCA AGM.
Halloween Costume Toonie - Nov 1Santa Cruz, HandleBarLost Lake.
Finish line: end of Grand Wazoo. View Map.
Passiv Haus. 5:30PM Sign-in, 6PM Ride StartHandlebar Cafe and Apres

Note that some information may change slightly, always see the weekly notice for the most up-to-date accurate race details.

Every week for 20 weeks, WORCA hosts Thursday night Toonie Rides with the sponsorship of local businesses and organizations. The rides cost $2 (Toonie) with half of the entry fee going into WORCA’s trail maintenance fund, and the other half into a pot for the top riders – usually locals who are training for the nationals or even the World Cup, so they can use every cent they get.

The ‘Ride’ part of the name is more about our mandate, which is to foster the use of bicycles in the community. There are a core group of ‘racers’ in our series and we do reward the winners, however the majority of riders are just out to have fun, explore the trails, get a bit of exercise, and socialize with other members.

You need to be a WORCA member to participate for insurance reasons, but every cent that doesn’t go to the insurance companies is channeled back into protecting and maintaining Whistler’s exceptional network of bike trails.

The races are open to everyone, young and old, and of all abilities.

All participants must wear a helmet and ensure that their bikes are in good working order. Bring water, tube repair kits, and tools because you never know.

A Toonie tip: Review the course maps each week as the range of difficulty can vary week to week depending on what the sponsor has in store for everyone.

See you at the finish line!



The ride starts at 6:30pm. If you want to push yourself and ride hard, make sure you are there before 6:30pm so that you can position yourself near the front of the pack. If you start late, you will end up trying to pass a lot of people who are slower than you. If you want to go at your own pace you may want to start a bit further back in the pack. This way you won’t have faster riders trying to pass you all the time. Some Toonie Rides will have staggered starts to break the group up a bit more.


Helmets are Mandatory: Mountain biking can be hard on the body so please ensure you’re looking after your most important asset and wear a helmet!

Stay on the Trail: As WORCA members we do our best to take care of the trails we have so they will last a long time. That means that we always stay on the trail. Cutting corners and riding off trail are not acceptable.

Crowding: Sometimes the course becomes congested with riders and everyone is off their bike. This is part of the Toonie Ride experience. Be patient, wait your turn and eventually you will get going again. Passing: If you are riding along with people behind you, ask them if they want pass. Check regularly to see if there is anyone on your tail. If you notice someone behind you all of a sudden, they have already beaten you. Let them pass you when it is safe to do so. Likewise, if you would like to pass the person in front of you, ask them politely if you can pass them. Make sure it is a safe place to pass, stay on the trail and thank them for letting you by.

Walking your bike: Sometimes the trail gets steep or very technical and people have to get off their bikes. This is perfectly fine and expected. If you are walking your bike and another person is riding their bike, step out of the way so they can continue riding. Someone on their bike always has the right of way. If you are the person riding on the trail and you come across people walking, call out ‘rider up!’ so they have time to move out of the way. Remember that sometimes you will get ‘bumped off’ your bike by riders in front of you. It’s going to happen and you can’t take this too seriously. Smile and have fun.


Food & Beer: The Toonie Rides would not exist without the support of our sponsors. The sponsors set the course, marshal and sweep it. They are not obligated to provide beer and food for everyone but most choose to do so. Show your appreciation to the sponsors by only having one serving and thanking them. The après is not a full course meal, but it is beer and a bite for $2. The sponsors appreciate your gratitude!