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Trail Work Update: 6 October 2017

Trash 2.0 We're toiling away in the new section of Trash this week. Making all the parts and framing bridges to connect both ends of the trail. The first vollie night (Oct 3rd) got the ball rolling with some rockwork and benching for approx. 100m of trail. We're hitting it up again on October 10th for the last trail night of the year: dirt burgers! Uh, I mean dirt and burgers (and beer)! Sponsored by Chromag bikes Meet @ 4:30pm in the FSR parking lot for ... Read more

Trail Work Update: 29 September 2017

Discoveries this week: Benoit and I started work on the new section of "Trash" (to replace the old section of Trash that is now a new pea gravel thingy). We're squeezed for real estate between the Sea-to-Sky and suspension bridge access trails so the line will need a lot of woodwork to navigate between cliffs and creeks. There's plenty of framing cedar around (small-ish trees). However, making quality decking is best when the stars align: A big tree has fallen years ago ... Read more

Trail Work Update: 22 September 2017

Down and merino! With a sharp chill in the morning and some snow up high, it feels like we're almost out of the woods... rest assured, we're not done yet. However, we are done for this year in the south end of Comfortably Numb. After clearing the biggest Cottonwood I've ever seen that was blocking the "land of confusion loop", we added another bridge and armoured some roots to improve the flow through the XC plateau. We worked our way down Yummy Numby ... Read more

Trail Work Update: 15 September 2017

Thanks to some moisture falling from the sky, we went back into Comfortably Numb to continue smoothing it out. We've made it through the Golden Door and are working our way back towards Yummy Numby capping our fresh armouring from earlier this summer. We've also added more rock and capping to the new start (Secret North)... the first "customers" cleaned it without a sweat! Lower Sproatt closure BC Hydro will be re-activating the "Lower Sproatt" double track (into a utility road) in the coming ... Read more

Trail Work Update: 9 June 2017

"Hey Dan! Where have you been digging?" "Hey Dan! What's new in trails?""Hey, Dan! What have you been up to?" Clearly, I have not been keeping up to date with my trail reports... The heavy snowload delayed our usual "crack of march" trailwork and has kept us busy on the chainsaws clearing deadfall. Keep us posted if you see any new ones ( pictures and geotags help with saw selection... Once again, we hosted the entire grade 9 class from the Waldorf school for ... Read more