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Trail work updates, Oct 10-14, 2016

Trail Maintenance in Whistler Valley Last week was our final week of valley maintenance for the season as monsoon season has arrived.  We tied up a bunch of loose ends including cutting and clearing the emergency exit for Garagamel which is located in the middle of the trail at the large swamp crossing with the cedar rounds that takes people out to Cougar Mtn W FSR.  We then did a little tidy up on Business Time and Howler then spent the rest ... Read more

Trail work updates, Sept 25-29, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail Raph and I have finished replacing the entire "easy" line of woodwork through the swamp section of Secret Trail North. I love building old-school features and we changed it up a bit... long live skinnies! We also took care of some precarious danger trees, opened up some drains and filled/capped some low spots. It's ready for the wet season! I was curious to re-inspect the Lord Of The Squirrels again after last weekend's torrential rains and hundreds of tires. **Fun fact ... Read more

Trail work updates, Sept 19-23, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail Opening a can of worms... Raph and I returned to Secret trail north (start of Comfortably numb) to replace some rotting bridges. We replaced a curved bridge and planned to tackle the end sections of the swamp line. Plans were drawn to replace 7 sections. I made a parts list and we began milling, splitting and peeling everything before taking the old stuff apart. Ready to assemble, the scene looked like we just opened a box from IKEA... When we ... Read more

Trail work updates, Sept 12-16, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail I'm undergoing a little bit of Sproatt withdrawal now that the Squirrel crew is back in the valley, but having the opportunity to ride my bike after work is helping! While rediscovering the valley bottom, it was easy to (not) see that some trails needed a trim. Raph and I did some corridor trimming on Rockwork Orange > Korova Milkbar > Wizard to improve the sight lines (and not get poked in the eye) with a little armouring of the ... Read more

Trail work updates, Sept 5-9, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail The Squirrel crew is done. After some appropriate testing and close inspection: berm magnification, drain enhancement, bonus armouring, pedal-catcher smashing, danger tree removing and further testing, we are happy to call it "DONE!". Since the second volunteer day, back in June 2014, a last piece of flagging had been sitting in a lower section taunting us. The trail was craving rounder turns... "Those new berms were sick!" ~ Jesse Melamed All the flagging is gone now! It wasn't all painless though, ... Read more

Trail work updates, Aug 29-Sept 2, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail What's all this buzzing? a) another wasp nest b) a helicopter c) word spreading about a new trail d) the entire rear break assembly falling off of the rokon (google it) e) all of the above After one final swim and ride down through the alpine (and the weather calling for snow) it was time to shut down "Squirrel camp 2.0". We chartered a helicopter to pull out 1050lbs of gear! There was no other way to get the big screen TV and hot tub ... Read more

Trail work updates, Aug 22-26, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail What a week! (I must start every report like this). The best way to treat a sunburn is by swimming in an alpine lake... As word of imminent completion spread (WORCA will provide details of the official trail naming and opening), traffic on the trail was at an all-time high (some even made two trips). A huge shout-out to those who dug, Hi-fived and left treats for the crew! Knowing that the end was near, Dakota, Raph and Jordan stepped ... Read more

Trail work updates, Aug 8-12, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail Moving our camp to higher elevation was a great idea mostly because of the commute (the views were supposed to be better too.) Unfortunately this week felt like we moved the camp to the bottom of a lake: 1600m is where the clouds are. It turns out that the inside of a cloud is somewhat "damp".  There was no escaping it. Every surface was wet. Under the tarps, inside our tents, under our skin: wet. I suppose there are also ... Read more

Trail work updates, Aug 1-5, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail It's quiet again up here... After all the commotion of the volunteer weekend, we can hear the birds sing and the creeks gurgling between pulaski strikes and Raph's grunts.  The black flies have turned it up to eleven. Speaking of bugs, after 12 stings on Cypress last weekend (I [Dan] stepped on a nest) I got another sting (or 3?) just below my eye that made me look like a boxer. Some of Dakota's friends from Vancouver came up to ... Read more

Trail work updates, July 18-22, 2016

Alpine Sproatt Trail We had a volunteer digger from Washington state for the whole week! Rob gets the award for best use of vacation time: Camping and pulling stumps. The rain stopped just in time for his shred down the mountain. After hearing of my drill battery woes last week, Pat from Sabre stepped-up, offering MORE POWER!!! (anyone remember "tool time"?). The Hilti monster-drill had way more stamina than we needed! We barely used one battery. I'm a fan now for sure! With 3 ... Read more