Next 3 Trail Nights/Days – May 20, 24, 27

Next 3 Trail Nights/Days – May 20, 24, 27

Big cheers to the beautiful people that build the re-route on middle Danimal last Tuesday night. It got done in about three hours, not including the prep work and finishing touches by WORCA’s trail builders. This Tuesday, May 20th at 5:30 we will be back there to complete the next section before moving on to the next maintenance project.

How to plan for Trail Days or Nights:

  1. Read WORCA newsletter
  2. Check the WORCA website or Facebook
  3. Show up on foot or on bike, bring gloves, water and long sleeves are recommended.
  4. Bring a friend, relative or acquaintance

What’s happening this year:

  1. Currently doing maintenance and brushing back of trails
  2. New trail construction of “A Cut Above” lead Tim Haggarty with WORCA builders
  3. New trail construction of the “Sproatt Alpine Mulit-UseTrail” led by Dan Raymond with WORCA builders

Upcoming Trail day and Trail Night Schedule:

May 20th 5:30 Middle Danimal: 3 hours – meet in Stonebridge off of Middle Danimal.
May 24th 9:00 It’s Business Time: 3 hours –  meet at start of AM/PM on microwave climb.
May 27th 5:30: Multiple Trails: 3 hours –  meet Lot 4, brushing back over growth on various trails throughout Whistler valley.

Trail night May 13