New Sproatt Alpine Mulit-Use Trail Announced

New Sproatt Alpine Mulit-Use Trail Announced

We’ve made reference to the Sproatt Trail in the past but we are very excited to officially announce this upcoming project! This spring WORCA’s trail crew and volunteers will be breaking ground beginning the construction of an alpine trail which will descend from near the summit of Sproatt Mountain to the Flank Trail.

Access to this area will come from a new machine-built ascent trail starting off the Flank trail south of Function which will be constructed by the RMOW. As partners in this project, WORCA has taken on the construction of the preferred descent trail from the alpine area near the summit of Sproatt (1650m) to the Flank trail (700m).

The trail will be designed as multi-use for hikers wanting a more direct ascent into the alpine and the preferred mountain biking descent from the proposed alpine trail network between Sproatt and Gin. The total descent will be an epic 1,000 metres of vertical and will be constructed as an intermediate “Blue” level of difficulty. We can’t wait to start digging!

Information on trail days will be released soon.