Bike Swap 2017

Annual Bike Swap

bike swap 2WORCA’s ever popular annual Bike Swap is back this year, and will be held on Saturday May 6th, between 10am-2pm at the Olympic Plaza (by the Olympic Rings). With hundreds always lining up in search for good deals, the Bike Swap is the perfect place to buy and sell new and well-loved bikes and gear.

Do you have a bike in your home that barely sees the light of summer? Or maybe some knee pads that don’t really fit well anymore… Or some tires that you don’t use, because you’re riding a 27″ now? If you have a bike or bike-related gear to sell, the Bike Swap is the place! We will be happy to register your items between 8:00-9:30 am, and will give you all the information regarding payments and/or collection of unsold gear.

Date & Time

Date: Saturday May 6th
Drop-Off Gear: 8-9:30am*
SWAP Time: 10am-2pm
Location: Whistler Olympic Plaza
Payout Pick-up: NEW! This year sellers will receive payout by email transfer or cheque within 7 days. No cash payouts.
Unsold Bike Pick-up: 2-4pm (Unsold bikes that are not picked up will be transported to a secured location. Bikes not collected after 1 week (May 12, 2016) will be sold through Craigslist with all profits going to WORCA.)

NEW! This year sellers will be required to fill out an online form as well as a paper sale tag at the time of registration. We encourage sellers to arrive earlier than usual to beat the last-minute registration rush. If you are a private seller with 6 or more items, please contact Greg Walker before the swap to discuss pre-registration options that will save you time at drop-off.

Retailers & high volume sellers

If you are a retailer/rep/distributor we would love to have you at Olympic Plaza, selling your wares! Contact the Fundraising Director to learn more about our special program for high volume sellers.


Seller tag fee per item – $2 – payable by cash only.
Payment by cash or credit card (credit cards incur a 2.65% fee)

WORCA Commission: 15% of the first $1000, 10% on everything over $1000. E.g. if you sell your item for $1,500, WORCA will take $150 commission for the first $1000 and $50 for the remaining $500 for a total of $200 commission.

Call for volunteers

bike swap1Our Fundraising Director, Dale, and SWAP Coordinator, Greg, are working hard planning for the SWAP.  If you can spare any time on Saturday, May 6 please email Greg.

Duties include working at the payment tent, manning the entrance, supervising the merchandise and helping with the setup and tear down.  Typically shifts from 7:30am – 3pm are needed to be filled but if you don’t have all day please let Greg know your availability and he will find a role for you. We also need some strong people to help unload and erect the fencing on Friday evening, May 5.

See you on May the 6th!