Women’s Social Rides

August 6, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

New for 2019!

Women empowering women!  That is the goal of the WORCA Women’s Rides.  These are non-competitive social rides that are inclusive to women of ALL abilities.  We want to create an environment for women to come and share their knowledge with one another and support each other in learning new things on the bike.  The club will host bi-weekly rides on different trails throughout the valley.  Each ride will have 2 – 3 ride options; offering rides that are mellow and less challenging, to rides that push limits or something that is right in between.

If you love being in the forest and doing it on your bike, want to learn new trails, build some confidence all while finding new friends to do it with, than these rides are for you!


How do I get involved? Its simple!  Buy your WORCA membership and join the Facebook group.  Buy Membership Here  Join the FB Page


How will I know when the rides are happening? The women’s social rides will happen every second Tuesday starting May 28th!

Ride Dates:  May 28, June 11, 25, July 9, 23, August 6, 20, Sept 3, 17th


How will I know where the rides are happening? All ride announcements and updates will be posted on the Facebook group as well as the weekly WORCA newsletter.