Toonie Ride

May 3, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Every week for 20 weeks, WORCA hosts Thursday night Toonie Rides with the sponsorship of local businesses and organizations. The rides cost $2 (Toonie) with half of the entry fee going into WORCA’s trail maintenance fund, and the other half into a pot for the top riders – usually locals who are training for the nationals or even the World Cup, so they can use every cent they get.

Each week there is a different course, sponsors, and apres – view the 2018 Toonie Ride Schedule

A WORCA membership and completed waiver is required to participate in any WORCA organised/sanctioned event, including, but not limited to: Toonie Rides, Phat Wednesdays, Youth Camps, Teenie Toonie, and special events. Avoid line-ups and buy your membership online BEFORE sign-in. There are no more paper waivers to sign in person, everything is online.

Toonie Season Pass

The $40 Toonie Season Pass (available to purchase online until noon May 23). Pre-pay $40 and you’ll fast track sign-in on Thursdays – you’ll have your very own sign-up line. Never worry about remembering $2 each week again. Purchase your Toonie Season Pass with your membership!