Cut Yer Bars trail – BC Hydro construction project

Cut Yer Bars trail – BC Hydro construction project June 2018

In the next few days, BC Hydro will be starting a construction project near Rainbow Substation and a section of the “Cut Yer Bars” trail goes through the planned work area.

More specifically, the section at the north end of the trail uses an access road where BC Hydro may have vehicles parked and then travels down the road adjacent to their planned work site.

BC Hydro is not currently planning to affect trail access, however riders should be cautious while riding in this area.

The bulk of the construction is scheduled to occur between June 25th – 29th, with site clean-up lasting until July 31st. BC Hydro anticipates that there will be some vehicles and personnel on site starting this week and at various points over the next couple of weeks for some site prep.